So close, yet so far away.

Published February 5, 2013 by angieperezi96

Contrary to popular belief, Rome wasn’t built in a day. When we first moved to the country, we bought plenty of property but no house. We rented an old farm house about five miles from the property. The house was the first house in the entire county to have electricity in it. It was on one hundred acres, had a creek, five bedrooms, and one and a half bathrooms. (Complete with tire swing in the back yard). The house was full of character but unfortunately, had no insulation whatsoever. My sisters’ and my bedrooms were upstairs (a converted attic) and in the summer it would get to 120 degrees and in the winter below zero.  It would cost hundreds to heat and cool this house,  but we had no where else to go. So bought a nice house and had it MOVED to our property, up our mountain and everything. It still needed work but dad worked on it as much as he could, dad’s quite the handy man.

When my dad was younger his parents got a divorce and it was hard times back in the day. His mother would make him and his sisters get naked on their beds and take beatings for hours at a time. They were seriously abused and I hope no one in my family ever reads this. My dad was a pretty messed up kid and got into selling drugs in school. Eventually he dropped out of school and just started selling hard core, until he turned seventeen and went to prison. About two years later he became a construction worker and a roofer and did that for several years. He worked to the top of that business and then worked for Miami elevator and, Turkey Point nuclear generating station. Dad has been all over and now has many skills to thank for it.

My mother had hard times herself growing up. Her biological father would hit her mother until they got divorced. After that, her mom got married seven different times. All the men in and out of her life scarred her. So when she got older, my mom got tired of living with her mother, and moved in with her adopted father. Even though he loved her very much, he had two children of his own and my mom became Cinderella. My mom dropped out of college and started getting into trouble her self. Eventually her and my dad met at a little church and fell in love. My mom worked at a grocery store native to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina known as Publix. She worked there through the pregnancy of my older sister, but when my older brother came nine months later she knew it was time to become a full time mommy.


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