The Great Escape.

Published February 8, 2013 by angieperezi96

As my mother continued to abuse me my life swished down the toilet. Everyone else in my family was wrapped up in their own lives and had no idea what my mom had been doing, or at least to the extent it was. My brother would go to work with my dad after school most days and then my sister would be with her boyfriends. So I would go home alone with my mom and we would get into arguments over nothing. She would hit me and then send me to my room to “wait until my father got home” to take care of me. My father just assumed I was acting out as a teenager and had no idea my mother was drinking and had recently developed a drug habit. Being the respectful husband he was, dad would come home and “deal with me” however my mother told him to for whatever I had done that day.

The abuse became an everyday thing for me. Over time, I learned to turn Colorguard into my great escape. Force to express my feelings through my work, and it worked. I developed a new talent and a passion for life. It was the only good thing I had going. Also, I had met the love of my life my first year at band camp. Though my family had their priorities mixed up, this guy I barely knew was always there for me. He supported me and we fell for each other over my first marching season. He was all I had.


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